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Hey, There! I'm Steve Jack. I'm in my mid-25s and recently moved to Jersey City. I am a fitness coach with a love for social media + a healthy living blogger.

Battle for Weight Loss

Is Avocado Is Good For Weight Loss?

Avocados will be often avoided by those who will be trying to lose weight or maintain their weight because the...

4 Lemon Tips for Weight Loss Fast

Lemons are one of the best nature weapons in the burning fat. A diet will be comprised of lemons that...

What Are The 3 Eating Rules For Fast Fat Burn?

Losing weight will be like pushing a boulder up a steep hill. It will make a little progress by certain...

Latest Thoughts

Should I take whey protein before or after a workout

Should I take whey protein before or after a workout?

The protein consumption after and before the workouts remains a debated topic in the performance of nutrition. There are two...

Does swimming give you abs?

Swimming abs can provide a moderate too intense in an aerobic workout, which will help you to burn your calories...
Foods for Abs

Top 5 Foods for Abs

The aerobic workouts will provide more health benefits. These workouts will help to reduce the risk of many heart diseases....
Top 10 Exercises for Abs

Top 10 Exercises for Abs

The abs exercises help to build your body with shape and strengthen. There are many abs exercises, which can combine...
5 Amazing Benefits of Resveratrol Supplements

5 Amazing Benefits of Resveratrol Supplements

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