3 Week Bikini Body Diet Plan

Looking for a bikini body diet plan? Getting a hot bikini body is a hard job. In just 3 weeks you bikini diet will get you sleeker, slimmer and you will ready to hit the beach. The bikini diet will work by keeping your blood sugar stable with the meals and snacks daily. Eating every three hours will keep your energy levels high and it will stop you be feeling hungry.

The diet will be rich in metabolism and it will boost the fatty acids found in coconut oil and unsaturated fats in olive oil. This will be combined with fresh vegetables and fruits, the diet will help your body to burn fat by using its fat as fuel. Your body will have no choice but it will start using its excess fat and muscles which will give you smooth and Bikini body diet planstrong contours.

Bikini body diet plan:

  • Monday:


For breakfast, you can have berry smoothie. Blend one cup of red or purple berries and half a banana. Then you will have 200 ml of cranberry juice plus one oatcake and one tablespoon of cottage cheese. For a snack, you will have five almonds and five brazil nuts.


You can have green pea soup or some egg salad. For this boiled egg with salad leaves, red pepper chopped, spring onion and olive oil.


For dinner you will have pan fried chicken with spinach and then with raspberries.

  • Tuesday:

You can shake that is blended with berries and skimmed organic milk or coconut milk with natural yogurt. Then you will have a half banana.

For lunch, you will have grilled salmon salad with cucumber, red pepper and then little chilli. You can some vegetable juice for an evening snack. And for dinner, you can have fish.

  • Wednesday:

You can have whole oats with 5 to 6 almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and then golden flax seeds. All these are mixed together and soak with skimmed organic milk or coconut milk. After 20 minutes you can serve to eat. Then you can have some organic strawberries.

  • Thursday:

You can have banana and passion fruit smoothie. For this, you have to blend the pulp of passion fruit, banana blend the pulp of passion fruitskimmed milk and natural yoghurt. For lunch, you will have smoked salmon salad that should be topped with black olives. Dinner you can have lentil salad with pine nuts and spinach with chopped onions and garlic herb.

  • Friday:

Breakfast: crunchy fruit yoghurt with a portion of strawberries with honey and almond.

Lunch: chicken salad with sliced red pepper and chopped tomato. Place this in a tortilla wrap if you wished.

Dinner: salmon patties with mango salsa and garlic. Fry it in virgin coconut oil then add a sliced spring onion.

  • Saturday:

You can have a smoothie, almonds and Brazil nuts in the morning. For lunch, Greek salad with cottage cheese and fresh herbs.

  • Sunday:

Scrambled egg for breakfast and you can have red pepper and chopped fresh herbs along with the scrambled egg. You can eat bean salad, berries, and fruit for lunch. For dinner, chicken and ginger with cashew nuts and red pepper.

These recipes will be easy to make and taste will be delicious. This is about 3-week bikini body diet plan.