Nowadays, almost one and all women would like to have bigger breast and looking the ways to accomplish it. If you’re one of them looking for the best to lift your boobs, then doing exercise is the right option for you. What are the exercises for lifting your boobs? This is your next question right!! If so, then keep continuing your reading to find the exercises to raising your boobs. Here, I’m going to share you 4 best exercises to lift your boobs.

4 Exercises to Lift Your Boobs:

There are so many ways to increase the size of the breast from surgery to natural methods. Nothing is shorter than surgery to increase the size of the breast. Yes, you can lift your breast through surgery or gain more weight. On the other hand, developing the muscles on the underneath of the breast also results in increased breast.

But, all those ways are not good for health, so it is better to look for exercises to lift your boobs. This is because performing workouts that work with chest helps you to increase the size of the boobs. Therefore, instead of looking for other ways, just spend some to do workouts to lift boobs. And, it also enhances your health along with breast.

There are some exercises that really developed for women to increase the size of boobs. Are you ready to do exercises? Let’s start!!

  1. Pushups

You should know the importance of doing pushups if you’re an athletic person, but you know it also helps you to increase the breast. In order to do pushups, keep your palm of hands and legs on the floor and lift your body to up and down for few times. If you do these steps on the daily basis, then you should see changes on your chest.

Doing pushups are not easy, but it offers more and more benefits.


  1. Dumbbell fly

If you feel complex to do pushups and then try the dumbbell fly movements to get your desired result. To do dumbbell fly, at first, lie on the face-up direction and keep your leg’s palm on the floor. After that, hold a dumbbell in your 2 hands and keep it above the shoulder. And, you have to ensure that your shoulder elbow is slightly bent and then return to normal position. Do this step for up to 10 times a day.


  1. Dumbbell bench press

The dumbbell bench press is similar to the dumbbell fly but, difficult to do than the previous methods. Lie on the bench and keep dumbbell on your 2 hands. Raise your hands towards up and lower the dumbbell until they reach the sides of your chest. Do this for up to 10 reps per day.


  1. Renegade row

The renegade row is as like as lifting the weight in a standing position. So, keep your feet wider than hip and hold dumbbells on 2 sides of the hand. Lift the dumbbells close to the chest and slowly move to down and repeat for more time a day.

These are the 4 best exercises to lift your boobs.