Hot green tea latte with matcha powder on wooden background.

Match tea has become quite popular with tea lovers all over the world, especially as the benefits get better known. Known for its high level of oxidants and as an aid in weight loss, this Japan-made powder has found itself highly demanded in major parts of the world, and so several brands have come up. So, which is the best Matcha green tea on the market?

As lovers of matcha tea, we have put down five of our favorite brands of the powder that we have drinking for years.

Encha Matcha

We love this product fir the fact that it is organic. It has no additives and only needs hot water to prepare. The taste is smooth and rich, and the lack of additives makes it an even better substitute to coffee. If you are new to matcha tea and want to test the waters first, you may want to try their Latte Grade organic matcha. As is with the original tea, it is organic and without synthetic fertilizer or preservatives. You also save a few bucks when you order directly from the producer in Japan.

Mizuba Tea

Just outside of Kyoto, Japan is a region called Uji where Mizuba Tea is sourced. Being a single ingredient tea, this brand has a natural sweetness and nutty tones that even a beginner to matcha tea will like. As with the brands we talk about here, this tea is organic and has no preservatives. We like it even more because it comes in smaller packages (20g) for those who do not want to commit to larger packages yet.

Midora Matcha

If you are in a rush without much time to steep your own tea, you could grab a cold Midora matcha brew that is just as refreshing as is the powder. Their Premium Matorganic matcha green tea powdercha Powder is a beautiful green with mildly sweet flavors and a refreshing feeling. It has no astringents but will charge you up as coffee does without the addiction.

Grace Matcha

The founder of this relatively new brand wanted customers to know where the product of from and how it is prepared. He also wanted to give customers a wide range of matcha, which is why they introduced roasted matcha tea with its sweet aroma and nutty flavor. They have a wide range of rich, creamy tea, and so you many want to ask for recommendations so that you get the perfect product for you. The packages start from 20g and the price is quite reasonable.

Pure Matcha

Known for its butter, smooth taste, this brand appeals to seasoned matcha tea lovers as well as newbie consumers. The green powder is ideal for making the traditional way with hot water or adding in smoothies for its powerful antioxidants. The more popular product from this company, Premium Ceremonial Grade, comes in a 30g package only and it’s worth every penny. A more luxurious product, Organic Ceremonial Matcha, costs a few more bucks, but is good to the last grain.

Matcha tea is not only a great source of antioxidants, but it also enhances metabolism and it boosts immunity. Try some today.