5 Foods That Are Good for Your Liver

Most of us are lost in the race of today, trying to balance between professional and personal life leaving us with no time or patience to take care of ourselves. As you enjoy that drink in your hand, you might be feeling relieved, but you will never think about what’s happening inside your body and especially your liver. Your liver is one among the largest organs which are a vital component in the functioning of your body.

The liver weighs around half kg and resides behind the rib cage. Your liver holds almost 13% of the total blood supply in your body at any particular time and filters almost 1 liter of blood every minute. Other than this, the liver carries out over 500 vital functions in your body including the production of blood proteins, lipoproteins, and proteins essential for clotting. The liver produces around 1300 chemicals in the body and maintains around 2000 enzyme systems in the body.

The liver is responsible for the production of 80% of cholesterol in your body. The liver produces bile, helps in conversion of toxic substances in our body to different forms that can be easy eliminated, makes and breaks hormones. These are just a few of those 500 functions this mighty organ carries out which makes it one of the most important organs in the body. If you lose your liver, you will have to say goodbye to the world within 24 hours and this is why you need to take very good care of it.

Here are five foods you need to consume on a regular basis to maintain your liver healthy and strong like a superhero!

Coffee and Tea

Drinking coffee and tea regularly will help you maintain the health of your liver or reduce the liver problems you are already facing. Studies suggest that coffee can help you protect your liver from diseases even if it is already in trouble like it lowers the risk of cirrhosis and permanent liver damages in people which acute liver diseases. In fact, it is observed that people who drink coffee at least three cups a day live longer even if they have chronic liver disease.


Drinking coffee may have positive results on inflammation and acute liver diseases like some forms of liver cancer. The miracles that coffee can do to your liver is mainly because of its ability to prevent the buildup of collagen and fat which are the main culprits that harm your liver. Coffee contains antioxidants that will neutralize free radicals in the body which are harmful to the cells.

Tea is another popular beverage that is preferred by people along with their morning breakfast or evening snack. Studies have shown that consumption of tea on a regular basis can improve liver health. For example, Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease patients who drank green tea which is abundant in antioxidants were found to develop better enzyme balance. Also, these people had lesser oxidative stress and fat deposits in their liver.

A few other studies have shown that people who drank green tea up to 4 or 5 cups every day had very low chances of liver cancer. However, people who are suffering from liver problems should be careful while consuming supplements with green tea extracts. This is because some reports show that their liver can be further damaged by the use of supplements with green tea extracts.


Cruciferous vegetables, popularly known as crucifers are green vegetables like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and mustard green. Even though these have distinctive tastes, they are known to contain beneficial plant compounds. According to studies, Brussels sprouts and broccoli sprouts help increase the level of detoxification enzymes in the body, thereby protecting your liver from damages.

If you don’t like the taste of raw Brussels sprouts, you can cook them and eat as well which is still nutritious. However, don’t cook them too much. Just toast them slightly with some lemon juice and garlic to enhance the taste.


Berries like blue berries and cranberries are rich in anti-oxidants and anthocyanins that are healthy for your body, especially your liver. These components in berries are responsible for their distinctive colors. Tests prove that consumption of 3-4 berries a day will improve the immune cell response. Also, they will help in increasing the levels of antioxidant enzymes. Moreover, with the help of test tube studies, scientists have observed that berries have the potential to hinder the growth of human liver cancer cells.

Some tests that were conducted on rats came up with results that pointed out that the antioxidants in berries reduced lesions, scar tissues, and fibrosis in their liver which will help in identifying their benefits in the human body as well. A healthy diet to improve your liver condition should definitely include berries.


Even though it is known as “the stinking rose,” garlic contains various components that are beneficial for your liver. These little white herbs that have a pungent smell can create wonders in your body while consumed on a regular basis because they contain sulfur-containing compounds like thiosulfinates, sulfoxides, and diithins.

Garlic helps protect your liver against cancer, prevent accumulation of fat in the liver, and protect the liver from toxins. The best way to consume garlic is without cooking it since studies point out 60 seconds of microwaving can drain out the cancer prevention properties of garlic.

Olive oil

Olive oil fat is considered to be good for the liver even though it is more popular in the metabolic improvement and heart health area. Studies show that consumption of one teaspoon of olive oil every day improves the enzyme level and fat level in the liver. However, it prevents from unwanted fat getting settled in the liver which is harmful. Consumption of olive oil on a regular basis has proved to increase the blood flow in the liver which is a healthy sign. Olive oil not just benefits your liver but your entire body when you consume it as a part of a balanced diet. So switch to olive oil today when you’re cooking and give a reason for your liver to smile!