Running Gear during Pregnancy

Pregnancy doesn’t have to put a stop to your running program. Running gear during pregnancy requires slightly different gear than your usual workout. Your hydration needs are greater, you’ll need more support in different places than usual and you may be more susceptible to injury. You can watch motherhood maternity for more running gear for your pregnancy and recommendations on how to stay comfort during your runs.

Maternity running gear:

It used to be that pregnant women had to turn to their husband’s closet to find technical workout gear that would accommodate their growing bellies.

Bornfit Lindsay maternity tee:

This maternity staple is just a performance oriented as your favorite running shirt. It feels smooth against the skin. Mesh panelling down the back aids ventilation and small side slits offer extra give when you are approaching your due date.

Bornfit Lindsay maternity tee

Medela maternity support:

Many women find that wearing a maternity support belt can take pressure off your bladder. A support belt may also help ease lower back pain and a common complaint among pregnant women.

Oceanlily knee length capris:

The greatest thing about these capris is the multitasking waistband. Six inches of wicking fabric allows you to wear it. It should be pulled up over your belly for coverage and folded over twice for under belly support. The capris hit around mid-calf and feature flat seams to avoid irritation.


Maternity belt:

A maternity belt looks almost like a back brace and is made of varied weights of elastics and is adjustable in a few places to provide the best fit. It gives you added support across the underside of your belly and in the small of your back and can help with everything from running to horseback riding.

Maternity belt

Joint support:

During pregnancy, your body releases hormones to help your ligaments stretch and grow to accommodate your growing baby. You may have to vary this recommendation based on your knees or other joints.


Hydration is so critical when pregnant. Not only to wear it for even short runs when pregnant you can also throw it in your car during the day or over the back of your nursing chair at night to make sure cold water is always close at hand.

Maternity sports bra:

Your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. It is best to revisit your size and buy a few sports bras. If you are unsure of your size or what your size will eventually be, look for styles that adjust in several different places to fit a wider range of fits.

Maternity sports bra

Benefits of running while pregnant:

For many years, pregnant women were advised to abstain from virtually any running during pregnancy.

The benefits of staying physically active during pregnancy don’t just stop with mothers. Babies can also experience several positive results.

Maternal benefits include improved cardiovascular function, limited pregnancy weight gain, decreased muscle skeletal discomfort and reduced incidence of muscles cramps.

There are many ways of keeping in shape that is less stressful to the body. Don’t do it because you feel you have to run.