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alli Weight Loss Aid Capsules

60 mg, 120 Count


I am very happy using this product Alli weight loss capsules. I was overweight around 160 pounds with my dress size 8. I always wanted to be slim and attractive and tried many weight loss products but could not find any difference. At last my gym trainer had suggested me about Alli and now I am using clothes size 6 with no diet changes. Definitely, it is a life changer drug for me.

Alli is an overall counter drug and has all the approvals from FDA. Though it has no natural ingredients, it does no harm to the body. It acts in 2 ways, one is limiting dietary fat and reducing calorie intake. In both the ways, it aids in weight loss.

What is Alli Weight Loss Aid Capsules?

It is a pharmaceutical drug, which aids in weight loss. It can be issued over the counter and considered to be safe by FDA for the adults over 18 years of age since 1999. Since then Alli has been with thousands of people like me for obesity management and weight management. It has 2 variants 60mg pills Orlistat and 120 mg pills Xenical and this variant needs a prescription.

What is Alli Weight Loss Aid Capsules

What is Alli?

Alli is a brand, which produces these weight loss capsules. It has a name for producing safe drugs with pharmaceutical in nature. The main product of this brand is weight loss pills like orlistat and xenical variants.


User Reviews

It is not only me who is so positive about the usage of Alli, but some of my gym partners also are extremely happy with the positive results shown by Alli.

One of them is 141 pounds and she started using the Alli and it worked miraculously on her by reducing 7 pounds in just 2 weeks’ time.

Another friend of mine is a pizza lover. He could not resist eating pizza and made him gain weight. Now Alli became part of his diet that along with pizza, he even takes Alli so that the fats and carbs are not absorbed by the body. It has made a lot of difference for him.

One of my friends was ready to go for surgery of weight reduction. But when I suggested alli to try that time, he was apprehensive. He started using the pills with low-fat diet and work out. He was so happy now on seeing the results almost 3-4lbs per week.

What to Expect? 

Alli is purely weight loss drug. There was a more scientific study on the intake of orlistat on obese patients. The evidence speaks volumes as it works at a double rate than any other contemporary drugs. For ex, if Alli reduces 26 pounds in a year other drugs would reduce 13 – 14 pounds.

It blocks the formation of an enzyme called Lipase which is responsible for digestion. When the enzyme is not available, the digestive system will not digest the food but just expels it out of the body. Hence no more calories produced.

This enzyme also does not allow the intestine to absorb more than 25% fat you eat. It also reduces one of the dangerous belly fats which are responsible for high blood pressure, diabetes and even heart stroke.

It is very important to consume the low fat meal and low carb diet while on the Alli medication. If the diet has high-fat content, you may get uncomfortable while digestion.

Effects and Benefits

Alli works only on the digestive system and not anywhere else. There will not be any effect on brain and metabolism.

  1. It reduces blood pressure as per some studies.
  2. It also reduces the risk of Diabetes type-2.
  3. The cholesterol levels of both total cholesterol and LDL; Alli shows significant results by reducing them. This will affect the physical health positively.
  4. Eventually, after reducing cholesterol around heart, Alli protects against heart disease

Alli can be used for the long term without any side effects. It also boosts metabolism and burns fat.

How to Consume

There is not much data on available on guidelines for Alli. But Alli is in capsule form and can be taken via mouth and it directly acts on the digestive system. It can be taken with a meal or up to one hour of the meal. If the meal does not contain any fats, the dose can be skipped.

Suggested Dosages

The optimal dosage for Alli is 120 mg per day and taking it thrice. It is best to take with a meal so that the enzyme lipase is not produced.

Side Effects

It creates more undigested food causing stomach aches, diarrhea. It also expels essential Vitamins A, D, E, K hence multi vitamin treatment is necessary as a supplement while taking Alli. Alli and vitamins should not be taken together in a day. It interferes with some medications and needs to inform doctor before taking other drugs.

Side Effects

In the first week of treatment, it is common to have loose stools and bowel movement changes. These may continue in few individuals along with stomach pain and oily stools. In women, it can also cause a change in menstrual cycle sometimes.

The drug Xenical is only to be used under doctor prescription and as recommended. Otherwise, it may cause liver damage. Immediate symptoms will be vomiting, dark urine, itching. It is only recommended by doctors when any weight loss surgery is done and to maintain the weight for the long term.

Dangers & Safety

The people who had done transplantation of any organ are not suggested to take this drug as it interferes with other medications. It causes liver failures or kidney failures in some patients. Pregnant and breast feeding women are not recommended to take Alli. If any patient is not over weight is also not recommended to take the pills of Alli.

Where to Buy

Amazon is the best place to buy the medicine and it will have the best price with offers.


Is Alli Safe for Health?

It is very safe when taken in recommended dosages. But it should not be abused.


Alli had shown impressive results not only me but many others. It works best when it is supplemented by regular work out and healthy diet. It produces impressive results for all the variety of individuals. Alli shows miraculous results when I took high proteins and lesser carbs in my diet.