avocado halves
Beauty model holding avocado halves over her eyes

Avocados will be often avoided by those who will be trying to lose weight or maintain their weight because the fruit will be high in fat and calories. Avocados will be actually helping you to lose weight. This will be due to the amount of nutrient rich calories with the healthy fats which are found in avocados.

Is avocado is good for weight loss?

is-avocado-is-goodHere are some of the ways that avocados will help you to lose weight.

  • Feel full faster:

The oils in avocados will help you to feel full faster and you will not eat as much. Eating an avocado about 20 minutes before a meal will be able to help you to eat.

  • Feel full longer:

Avocados will also help you to feel full longer due to the healthy fats. This will be due to the high amount of calories that will found in avocados and that will help your body to feel satisfied. This, in turn, helps you to reduce the amount of junk food that you normally eat.

  • Adiponectin:

The healthy fats in avocados will help you to create an essential hormone know as adiponectin which will help your body to burn fat cells. You will not want to lose your muscle cells as you need them and help you to burn even fat cells.

  • Increases energy:

Your metabolic rate will be the rate at which your body will be able to convert the food into energy. Avocados will help you to speed up your metabolic rate so that your energy levels will be increased. Energy will be important if you want to exercise in order to help you achieve your weight loss.

  • Increased bowel movements:

Bowel movements will be helpful when it comes to losing weight. One of the nutrients that help with bowel movements will be fiber and avocados will contain a lot of it.

  • Fat burning benefits of avocados:

Avocados will contain 22% fat. Avocados will be a perfect food to serve when they will be ready to eat regular food. Avocados will have beneficial nutrients that contribute to preventing several different illnesses. They will help you to maintain your weight by providing an alternative to foods of harmful cholesterol and fat.


The nature of avocados will be to boost nutrients. They will help the body to absorb fat nutrients. This will be helpful in the prevention of illnesses. The vitamin E in avocado protects against disease related to the heart and it will protect against several kinds of cancer.

It will be a potent antioxidant that will helpful in getting rid of damage by free radicals. The avocado contains saturated fat and this will helpful in lowering bad cholesterol levels. Avocado will be rich in saturated fat which will be burned easily for energy. When you are looking at avocados you have select fruit that will be firm to weigh a lot in comparison to its size. This will helpful in the maintenance of fluid balance.

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