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BASE Nutrition BURN Thermogenic Fat Burner

Appetite Suppressant - Weight Loss Supplement with Patented & Proven Ingredients


A sedentary life style and slow metabolism had led to me gaining excess weight. Exercise and diet management had helped me to a certain extent, but the results were not that impressive. A friend fitness routineof mine had recommended using Base Burn Fat Burners to give my efforts the required push. After using them for a short period, I could see noticeable results and since then the product has become a part of my fitness routine. It is one of the best in the list of fat burners as they are known to be jitter free and do not cause any anxiety or palpitations. The formulation ensures to give me maximum results keeping my mind and body relaxed. An important criterion for me in any fat burner is that it should keep me feel fuller for a longer interval of time. Base Burn exactly does this and also helps me keep future weight gain at bay.

What is Base Nutrition Burn?

As we discussed above Base Burn is one of the widely used weight loss supplements popular among many. It comes in the capsule form and can be consumed orally. The dual nature of the product that is weight loss and appetite suppression makes it a highly recommended product for me. Moreover, the nature of the ingredients does not make me sweaty and shaky; I have the liberty to consume it any time of the day without having to worry about side effects. But ensure that you do not consume it empty stomach.

Introduction to BASE Nutrition BURN Thermogenic Fat Burner

The brand promises it to be a stimulant-free dietary supplement that effectively helps in burning the excess fat. The list of powerful ingredients present in the product include

  • Green Tea extracts
  • Capsimax
  • Crominex3+:
  • Teacrine & Paradoxine

The antioxidants present in the green tea aid in fat burning and also protect from the free radicals. As for capsimax this is a branded version of Cayenne Pepper which provides the required thermogenic properties to the product. When consumed the core temperature of the body is increased there by resulting in more calories being burnt. The paradoxine which is structurally similar to ginger aids in improving digestion. Crominex3+ effectively improves blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity. Teacrine helps increase energy levels and maintain  mental clarity Other than these there are other ingredients also like  Organic Nu-Flow (Rice Hull Concentrate), Silicon Dioxide, Dicalcium Phosphate and Vegetable Cellulose

Introduction to BASE Nutrition BURN Thermogenic Fat Burner

What is BASE Nutrition LLC?

The fat burner is manufactured by the company Base Nutrition. There USP lies in the fact that they are masters in manufacturing non GMO, gluten free and vegan products. This has been an added advantage for vegans like me. Apart from fat burners the company also deals in another product called the Base Carb Crush a powerful carb blocker.

User Reviews

According to many user reviews online the product has been accredited to be the best fat burner in the market today. It has been a blessing in disguise for people, who almost had hit a plateau in their weight loss struggles. People have found that all the promises the brand made were true as it was indeed a jitter free fat burner. After using for a few days many users have noticed that there cravings for food have vanished and also they had a reduced appetite.

What to expect? 

Initially, when I first came across this product, was a bit sceptical on its effectives. But today after having used it for a considerable amount of time, I can say that, I am totally in love with the product. It not only gives me impressive weight loss results but also has relaxed my mind and body.  Gradually you will feel super charged for your workouts. After about three to four weeks of regular use, I could see noticeable changes in my body due to the powerful ingredients the product has.

Effects and Benefits

The product is equally popular among armature and professional body builders due to the host of benefits that it provides.

  • It contains some of the excellent generously dosed fat burning ingredients.
  • Combined with a good exercise regimen and diet the product gives rapid weight loss results.
  • The formulation is comprised of all natural ingredients and hence is a safe alternative.
  • Burns fat controls appetite and relaxes your mind and body.
  • Caffeine content is lesser as compared to others.
  • The quantity of key ingredients per serving is very good.

How to consume

The recommended dosage would be two capsules per day. This should be preferably taken 30mins prior to having food.

 Side Effects

You might not experience any side effects on your body, but the debate on its effectiveness does not seem to end as of now.

  • The product might claim to be completely caffeine free but research shows that theacrine one of its ingredient acts as caffeine. But as compared to other fat burners the amount is very less and may not pose serious threats.
  • There are some ingredients that have no proven record of the fat burning properties.

Dangers & Safety

Due to the quality of ingredients the base nutrition fat burners are considered to be very safe. But it is in our interest that individuals below the age of 18 should avoid using it. Other than them people with medical conditions must avoid using them or consultant your doctor prior to use. You can prolong the dosage cycle for as long as you want as it does not contain excessive stimulants that can alter tolerance.

Where to buy 

The product is easily available online at Amazon for great prices. Click here


All-in-all, I can say that Base Burn is a fairly decent fat burning supplement available today on the market. It has helped me achieve weight loss goals effectively and has been efficiently keeping the lost weight at bay. This is a very big plus point today for any fat burner. Since it helps me keep my mind and body relaxed; I am able to focus better on my workouts.