natural pre workout juice

Are you feel hated about workouts due to the loss of energy? Don’t stop your workout, you have a simple solution for this problem on your hand itself. All you need to do is stay well hydrated on your body. To replace the liquids in your body cells and electrolytes in your blood you need to go for drinking of natural pre workout juices.

Drinking a fruit juice after a workout as an advantage:

General all kinds of fruit juice are considered the as good source of electrolytes, including sodium, chloride, and potassium. These minerals are come out from your body when you are doing a workout by means of sweating. If you want to maintain your energy level better, you need to replace these minerals with an equal amount of liquid drinks like fruit juice.

Fruit juice is also a great source of vitamins like vitamin A, C, and antioxidant vitamins which help to repair the damage cells due to the using of oxygen during the workout.

An effective workout can cause pain in the body and significant oxidative stress in your body cells so that it is necessary to have a vitamin c to repair you damaged cells.

Drinking a fruit juice before a workout as a disadvantage:

Most of the fruit juices contain more sugar in it in the form of fructose. If you are a person who is going for a workout to reduce the fat in your body, then drinking of fruit juices will dump the positive results of your workout.

When you drink concentrated fruit juice, you are supplying your body with fructose, which encourages the insulin release in your body, this insulin will block an enzyme called hormone-sensitive lipase which is the primary enzyme that breaks down fats.

As an output of this continuous process, you will able to burn only less amount of fat when you keep adding sugar content into your body. Because of this reason the natural fruit juice is not advisable to drink before going for a workout.

Best pre workout drink:

If you are a person who exercises less than 90 minutes and you are not affected with low sugar, the best pre-workout drink is water. When you are not exercising for a long time or in a hot climate you don’t need any additional carbohydrates for doing the workout.

When the climate is too hot, you will be lost your electrolytes by sweating which becomes serious issues by losing sodium and water through sweat. In this case drinking of fruit juice as 50/50 percentage of water, it will help you get lower sugar content whereas maintaining the benefits of electrolytes. In addition to this try to add a ¼ tsp of sodium to your diluted fruit juice if you feel sweat heavily.

Be aware of the caffeinated beverages, even though the although caffeine may slightly boost exercise performance, caffeine is a diuretic that pulls water out of the body.


As a conclusion of this article the water is a best natural pre workout drink and you can drink it with a mixture of some other fruit juices.