Brown Vs White Eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of protein. If our body lacks protein, then we can include eggs in our healthy diet. But, a little confusion might occur in your mind regarding which colored egg is good. This is because there are brown and white eggs are available in the entire globe.

Lots of people are having queries about brown vs. white eggs – is there a difference. Do you think that is there a difference between these two eggs? I’m damn sure; the differences are very finite.

Before that, you should know that what are brown eggs and white eggs.

Brown eggs are the eggs that would lay by red-feathered chickens, and white eggs would come from the white-feathered chickens. The variation of foods that the chickens consume might lead to the difference in its eggs.

What’s the main difference between these two types of eggs

What’s the main difference between these two types of eggs?

The significant difference between two is its color. Yes, other than the color, the size of those eggs might vary. The brown colored eggs are a little bit big in size when comparing to the white colored one. Why are the brown eggs bigger in size? This is because; the red-feathered chickens eat more natural foods so they can able to lay big eggs. Finally, the yolk of these two eggs is also somewhat differed in its color.

What do people say about brown eggs?

What do people say about brown eggsMost of the people say that brown colored eggs are good for health because it comes from the red weathered chickens. This is not the case, both the eggs are safe to eat, and it will give enough protein to your body.

Which eggs have a harder shell?

Both the brown and white colored eggs come with the harder shell. Notice the shell of both the eggs; definitely, you didn’t feel any difference in it. You might think that there is a difference in quality between these two eggs. But, nothing seems different in its quality also, so you can buy both to include in your diet.

White eggs are less nutritious – Is it true?

Most of us believe that the white eggs are less in nutrients than brown eggs. But, it is not true, instead; both the eggs are rich in enough amount of nutrients that our body needs.

White eggs are less nutritious - Is it true

And, the cost of the brown colored egg is quite expensive when comparing to the white eggs. Some research claimed that it is best to eat brown eggs for those who want to maintain their calorie cholesterol level of their body. And, one major thing about the brown egg is it is not easy to get, because the production of these eggs is becoming low in these days.

Final verdict:

From the above discussion, we can conclude that the one and the only difference between the two is its shell color. Other than that, no more difference between these two in terms of thickness of the shell, the presence of nutrients, and so on.