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Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5


If you are just beginning rowing for some time at the gym and need a reliable rowing machine for home use then this concept 2 model D indoor rowing machine with the PM5 monitor is a powerful total body workout. Its flywheel design will ensure a quiet row and its frame is built in a way that makes it simple to separate in two pieces for easy storage. This concept 2 model D is a style fits for every home environment and it allows the user to choose the variety of workout programs. This will focus on force distribution between all muscle groups and it delivers the balanced and well-coordinated workout.

Features of concept 2 model D:

There will be latest PM5 performance monitor for the accurate and detailed training feedback.

  • There will be adjustable resistance for flywheel and spiral damper.
  • Aluminum rail will be capped with a stainless-steel track for smooth seat movement.
  • Handle will be ergonomic
  • Minimize the noise using fan engineered
  • Flexfoot footrests
  • Monitor can be adjustable
  • It separates into two pieces for easy storage

PM5 monitor features:

  • It strokes per minute
  • Distance will be covered
  • Calories will get burned
  • You can see the heart rate

Concept 2 model D indoor rowing machine:

  • Dependable performance and design:

This is a balanced and satisfying piece of training machine in almost all its features. This will feature a strong skeleton that will handle demanding workouts and it will deliver the powerful performance. The concept 2 model D is simultaneously compact in size and design to easily be part of the home environment.

  • PM5 Monitor:

The PM5 monitor is one of the workhorse devices that is simple and makes working out a better experience. The PM5 will have a pulse meter and shows you strokes per minute, heart rate, and calories burned.

This is not the cheapest rowing machine on the market but it is also not the most expensive. If you going to be spending a lot of time on a piece of home equipment then you might pay a bit more for quality.

This model is designed in a way that it dictates a natural and safe workout that will not overstrain specific muscles. Promoting natural movements, this rowers construction trains all muscles equally and it will provide you with an intense workout to have your muscles screaming. You can adjust the level of tension and resistance easily by the flywheel and spiral damper. The seat movement is smooth and it will not make noise.

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