Getting Flat Stomach

You must be serious about learning how to get a flat stomach for bikini fast. Some women will feel that no matter flat-stomach-diet-for-bikinihow clean they eat and how hard the exercises they will not able to get that flat stomach as they like. Other women will be more than happy to eat small amounts to get the look they will be after.

Flat stomach diet for bikini:

  • Eat six smaller meals each day:

Eating smaller meals a day help with burning stomach fat. Because never at one time do you will have food in your stomach. By eating regularly you will always have smaller amounts of food in your belly and never a fully loaded meal. You will be likely to get overly hungry.

  • Reduce high fibre foods:

Eating too much high fibre will result in constipation. It will be best on the side of things and avoid high fibre vegetables like cauliflower, sprouts and broccoli. Some of the vegetables like spinach, cucumber, carrots and even tomatoes.

  • Eat fruit alone:

Some of the best fruits to consume like berries, grapefruit, lemons, kiwi fruit, plums and watermelon. Watermelon will be best because it contains amino acids know arginine. It will decrease body fat and increase lean muscle mass.

  • Eat healthy fats:

Healthy fats like avocado, nuts, coconut oil and olive oil will be great for keeping your bikini sexy and toned. This will improve your healthy by getting a flatter stomach. You can also add avocado to your spinach salads with some chicken for a flat stomach.

  • Drink loads of water:

Make drinking water will be a great priority. Drink water before and after you eat to expand your stomach and make you feel fuller. Water will flush your system out more regularly which cleanse and that will help with flat stomach look.  You can add lemon to your water for more health benefits.


  • Avoid salt:

When you consume high salty foods your body will retain more fluid. That means it will cook your own meals, avoid added salt and salt-based seasons. Instead of salt and sugar-free seasonings for flavour.

  • Limit carbs:

You have to avoid white carbs completely and slow carbs like beans and legumes. Carbs will encourage your body to hold water and keep you full longer. They will also aid in storing less fat.


  • Green tea with fresh ginger:

Green tea will be full of antioxidants that will aid in the process of fat burning. By adding fresh ginger and enjoying this tea after a meal. You will be getting some serious health benefits will aid indigestion.


  • Avoid alcohol:

Alcohol will make your body burn fat last and you will burn up fat than normally. This will be because the alcohol taken in is first to be used as fuel. So you have to keep you fat burning like avoid alcohol. Alcohol will be double the calories of protein and that will make it for fat loss.