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30 grams of Whey Protein Per Serving


Though I am not into professional bodybuilding, I am a sports person and always loved to have a body with muscles and perfect curves. I regularly go for my workout and my major focus will be on how much muscle I gain at end of the day.  The food I take is always rich in nutrition and well-balanced calories. These efforts did not help me to reach my targeted body structure. I am depressed and obsessed with the thoughts of the body with good muscle structure. Then my fellow person at the gym, who is also an amateur bodybuilder suggested with Whey protein powder that would act as a supplement to our diet. As it has chocolate flavor it tastes very good, when compared to other protein supplements

How important is “Whey Protein Powder” for you?

As a sports person, I know the importance of protein for my body. Muscle gain complete depends on the absorption of the protein. If the protein metabolism is good then muscles growth will happen. Whey is a protein enhancer.  As it is absorbed faster, it is essential for reaching the daily targeted protein level. It also produces amino acid L-cysteine, which helps in overcoming the deficiencies that occur in our body. By taking more protein, we can also burn the fat. Whey protein will help in weight loss also.  After my friend’s suggestion, without a second thought, I want to give it a try. Basing on my weight I calculated the necessary amount of protein and then started consuming 2 scoops after my work out daily. I did this for a month. Now looking into the mirror makes me feel proud for achieving the targeted body structure. I felt it as awesome and amazing.

How important is Whey Protein Powder for you

Introduction to “Whey Protein Powder”

Whey protein is one of the proteins that are present in the milk. This is absorbed quickly into the muscles which help in the metabolism of the protein resulting in muscle gain. Whey protein consists of 9 variations of amino acids.  Amino acids would help us to fight with other deficiencies present in the body. It consists of low lactose. This protein is also helpful in losing the unnecessary fats accumulated in the body.

What is “Whey protein powder”?

Whey as a primary ingredient in Whey protein powder helps in faster growth of muscles. It also contains natural formation of BCAAs and Glutamine and Glutamic Acid, which is one form of amino acids. These amino acids are present in the muscles and will help the tissues in protein synthesis. As whey Protein tastes awful,  it is mixed with chocolate flavor to make the taste better. Because of this cocoa, we will accumulate a little bit of fat. Though fat accumulation happens whey is good at burning them. So we need not worry about the calories present.

What is EAS?

The brand name is EAS pure Whey protein powder manufactured by Abbott.

What is EAS

User Reviews:

  • Seeing my obsession, my co-sportsman recommended it. Without a second thought, I started using this product. Previously I used many other protein supplements but I did not find any difference with respect to muscle mass. Then I changed my diet and made completely nutritious with rich in protein. Even after this, I did not notice a major difference. At times I used to feel of taking some kind of steroids that help in muscle gain but my consciousness did not support it as it is not legal. After his recommendations and looking at his structure I thought of giving it a try. After 1 month I am able to see the drastic change in my structure. I used to consume it with milk. But some time when I found it difficult to have a milk can be taken directly.
  • When I started taking this supplement I also enquired few people about this product who also gave a positive feedback to me stating that it is purely based on whey and nothing harmful it consists.

What to Expect? 

As EAS pure Whey protein powder had 24gms of protein for each scoop, 2 per day would help you to reach your targeted body. Once you start consuming this supplement, you can feel the difference in your muscle mass. As it burns the fat you can see the fat depositions going out of the body. You start feeling stronger and healthy then every. Its taste is also enriched by using double rich chocolate in it. So you can forget that awful taste of protein supplements and enjoy the flavor with health.

Effects and Benefits

By consuming this supplement, we can have fabulous muscle gain due to the presence of whey. Apart from gaining muscle other benefits we can get by using this supplement are

  • It Whey protein powder
  • It lowers the cholesterol as it has a property of burning fat.
  • It helps in faster recovery from muscle tear problems.
  • It is also useful to treat asthma, cancer and blood pressure
  • It also helps in retaining the strength after hard work outs.

How to Consume

This supplement can be taken directly or can be mixed with other food products like milk, cold water, oats, cereals, etc.. After finishing your daily workout consume this supplement. You can see the results.

Suggested Dosages

Dosage may vary from person to person based on his profession and body mass. The ideal dosage suggested can be between 1 to 3 scoops per day.

Side Effects

This is only a protein power you won’t have any severe side effects. One can go through minor side-effects if the dosage exceeds. Some common side effects are stomach pains, cramps, reduced appetite, nausea, and headache.

Dangers & Safety

EAS pure Whey protein powder is thoroughly tested and licensed by FSSCI. It stood as number one protein powder in 2015

Where to Buy

EAS pure Whey protein powder is available at Amazon at a reasonable price.

Is “Whey protein powder” Safe for Health?

It is absolutely safe to use. But if you have any pre-existing aliments then just consult your doctor and according to his suggestions start consuming it.


EAS pure Whey protein powder became my favorite supplement. Now I can’t even imagine my work out without this supplement. As it comes in various flavors, you can have yummy taste added to health benefits.  One can see and feel the difference in the body once they started using this supplement.