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Extra Strength L-Arginine – 1200mg Nitric Oxide Booster

1200mg Nitric Oxide Booster for Muscle Growth, Vascularity & Energy


The era of fitness revolution actually started in the early 20th century, with the then bodybuilders in reality carrying brute strength. An array of supplements, natural, synthetic and otherwise became names closer than our own self. As science progressed, newer and newer training methods sprang up, gone was the era where it was a mantra that 3 square meals a day (well maybe huge meals) would suffice the caloric and nutritional requirement of a bodybuilder. As aesthetics gained importance, the overall appearance also gained more weight age. The information on the human body that science presented before the world also emphasized the fact that if the outward bigger muscles were important, then the inward soft and striated muscles that carried out functions vital to sustain were equally as important, if not more.

Studies in these regards introduced us to two products essential in our diet at a molecular level I. e. L-Arginine and L- Citrulline and established their importance, both on an individual level as well when taken in conjunction.

How important is L-Arginine and L-Citrulline?

Initially I was really skeptical about these two amino acids, reasons being that I was already taking few other supplements moreover, I was also not very aware about the functions that they carry out (or whether they really do have any functions at all), this along with certain other factors such as their possible reactions with the other supplements that I was on, the dosage pattern, frequency, adverse effects both short and long term, these were actually questions rising up in my brain as concerns which needed a resolution to. As a last resort I approached one of my professors who actually explained me the concepts and put all the bits and pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of nutrition in place. I thought about and went for a combination of L-Arginine and L- Citrulline. The results albeit is a bit slow were really beneficial. I found a marked increase in terms of vascularity as well as an overall improvement in cardiovascular profile, energy levels as well.

A marked benefit that I noticed was that my muscles actually showed marked definition, more conditioning, and really less fatigue, something that I would definitely like to attribute to L-Citrulline, because L-Citrulline is in fact helpful in reducing body fat and promoting an improved athletic performance, the soreness in my muscles would also be relieved quickly thanks to L-Citrulline. The major benefit that I derived from L-Arginine was in terms of my Cortisol levels and improvements in cardiovascular profile.

What is Extra Strength L-Arginine

What is Extra Strength L-Arginine?

Extra Strength L-Arginine is a combination of two of the best Nitric oxide molecules with L-Citrulline, and they actually ensure that the body does get the required amount of L-Arginine. On the scientific front, L-Arginine is required for protein synthesis that leads to further development of muscles, an overall increase in muscle mass and fat metabolism. The result of this is something that almost every bodybuilder wants, a well-toned, lean musculature. The other known benefits that L-Arginine impacts are vasodilation, which comes handy while treating Blood Pressure, certain Heart Diseases and sometimes in both Male as well as Female infertility, regulation of salt levels in the body as well.

Despite being categorized as a non-essential amino acid, it is but quite a wonder that so many functions in the human body, I feel it more so, because this is one product that is not confined to any age group in particular, it is required by almost all the age groups, athletes and overweight people alike.

What is Superior Extra Strength L-Arginine?

Superior Extra Strength L-Arginine is a combination of two forms of Nitric Oxides coupled with Citrulline so as to provide as much benefits of L-Arginine as possible in one go. The other benefits with Superior Extra Strength L-Arginine has improved blood circulation, for bodybuilders, increased vascularity because of improved blood flow which also means that sufficient oxygen levels are maintained by the all the vital body parts. Regular supplementation with Superior Extra Strength L-Arginine also reduces muscle wastage owing to progressing age.

User Reviews

My experience with Superior Extra Strength L-Arginine has been really positive; the product delivered everything that it claimed, perhaps a bit more as well. There were quite a few athletes that I personally know for whom it took quite some time for the effects to show up, fortunately for me, I made visible changes in a measurable timeline and the visibility was so well that I actually got more than a few compliments in terms of the development I had made towards the overall muscular development as well as the sharpness that my muscles exhibited.

Effects and Benefits

The kind of benefits that I have come across was actually noteworthy, some of which I personally would like to share are:

  • Improvement in Vascularity
  • Overall improvement in muscularity and muscle conditioning
  • Increased strength, increase in endurance as well stamina
  • Reduced recovery time for muscles and a considerable increase in peak performance.

What is Superior Extra Strength L-Arginine

Recommended Dosage and How to Consume

The general recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day, preferably before you have your meals, to be consumed with water.

Side effects

Some of the reported side effects include Nausea, Diarrhea and weakness, hence it is recommended to start with a low dose and increase steadily.

Dangers & Safety

Not to be administered by pregnant ladies, should not be taken with blood pressure medication or by a person with low blood pressure. These supplements should also be avoided if the person is on insulin and/or a cholesterol lowering agent.

Where to Buy?

Superior Extra Strength L-Arginine is available on www.amazon.com as well as many leading websites that sell bodybuilding supplements.


Considering all the benefits that Superior Extra Strength L-Arginine offers, this product is definitely a must try, doesn’t matter whether you are an aspiring bodybuilder or just a fitness enthusiast or not from a sports background and neither intending to be one. This is one product that offers a wide range of benefits for your body irrespective of your end goal.