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Garden of Life Sport Organic Pre Workout Energy Plus Focus Vegan Energy Powder

Sugar Free, Blackberry Cherry, 8.1oz (231g) Powder


Being in the area of fitness and bodybuilding my focus was always channelized on the post workout nutrition.  After a good workout session, I used to concentrate on what to eat and what not to so as to maximize my gains from the workout. But gradually I could feel that I was not able to give my 100% during the workout as my strength and endurance level was falling down. Surfing the internet I found that pre workout nutrition was equally important. Working out on empty stomach was decreasing my intensity and strength capacity and hence was not able to achieve desired results. Later my instructor suggested that I try out the Garden of Life Sports Pre Workout Energy Powder. Since then I have been using it regularly and there has been no looking back.

Introduction to Garden of Life Sport Organic Pre Workout

There have been a plethora of pre workout supplements in the market today. But with my experience, I would definitely recommend Garden of Life Sport Pre Workout Energy Powder. This has not only given the required boost to my performance but also has helped me push myself to the extra limit during workouts. The delicious blackberry cherry flavored drink has been instrumental in not only boosting my energy levels but also helped to maintain my focus during workouts. Apart from this, I have found out that it reduces fatigue to a great extent and also delays muscle soreness.

Garden of Life Sport Organic Pre Workout Energy Plus Focus Vegan Energy Powder

What is Garden of Life Sport Organic Pre Workout?

After having used it for quiet some time now I can vouch for it that this is the best pre workout supplement. Unlike other products, this is made from plant based organic ingredients and hence it is safe. The energy powder contains around 85mg of organic coffeeberry for enhancing our focus during workouts. Organic kale, spinach, and beetroot form a unique nitric oxide blend that further enhances the properties of the product. Apart from this it also has sufficient amount of vitamin B12 to optimize energy production. Another important fact to consider is that it is vegan, gluten free, and soy free and dairy free.

What is Garden of Life?

The pre workout supplement is manufactured by the company named Garden of Life under their Sport product line. We can rest assured about the quality of the product as it has the certified USDA organic seal. This is a proof that it has 95% organic content and is also free from toxic pesticides and genetically modified organisms. Apart from the pre workout supplements, the company has a wide product line. These include probiotic products, protein supplements, vitamin supplements and much more.  Be it any product their main USP is the use of real foods and not synthetically created substances.

User Reviews

Before making the purchase decision I did a checkout on the internet to more about the product. What I found was that the product has a huge fan base worldwide. Many people found that product helped them feel energetic for hours after consumption. What differentiates it form the others was there was no sudden crash of energy. Its organic blend, good taste, and chemical free ingredients have made it an instant hit among the users.

There are many users, who were hesitant to try any workout supplements due to the jittery feeling they caused. But with a garden of life pre workout supplements there was no such reaction reported and hence the product was recommended by many. Another important aspect which was appreciated by many was the product did not have any adverse side effects and could be used by all.

What to Expect?

Garden of life pre workout supplements is one of the best available today in the market. The brand clearly specifies the blend of ingredients used in manufacturing them and hence there is no question of ambiguity. One can expect to have an enhanced performance during the workout sessions with sustained release of energy.

Effects and Benefits

  • An obvious benefit is you get more energy to workout. Consuming the supplement gives you the extra pep to exercise better.
  • Since you get more energy to workout it results in an increased performance and efficiency as well. As a result, you get the motivation to train harder.
  • Another important benefit is that it improves focus and concentration level during the workout session at the gym. In another word, we can say that it unleashes your mental and physical potential completely.
  • Since the supplement consists of a natural blend of ingredients and is USDA certified the risk of side effects is minimized to an extent.
  • It not only gives you a fast burst of energy but also helps reduce fatigue after a strenuous workout session.

Effects and Benefits

How to Consume

Since it is a pre workout supplement it is advisable to take it 20minutes prior to your workout. Ensure that you follow the time accurately.

Suggested Dosages

The recommended dosage for Garden of Life Sport Pre Workout Supplement is one scoop of supplement in 8oz of water. Ensure that you mix the powder well.

Side Effects

Since the product mainly constitutes of a natural blend of ingredients there are not many adverse side effects. But the product has occasionally caused nausea, gas, headache, bloating, constipation and stomach upset in some users. The taste was also reportedly not liked by some but they choose to ignore this aspect as it was one of the healthier options available.

Dangers & Safety

Since the brand has always maintained to use a natural blend of ingredients it is relatively safe for consumption and does not cause any major side effects. Also, there is no use of synthetic substances hence you can be pretty sure about the product.

Where to Buy

You can buy Garden of Life Sports Pre Workout Supplement from online shopping sites like amazon.com at a very affordable price. Click here to buy.

Is Garden of Life Sport Organic Pre Workout Safe for Health?

After having used the supplement for a considerable period of time I would completely recommend to other fitness freaks like me. Since it has all organic and healthy ingredients, it is completely safe for you health and can be consumed by the young and the old.


What we consume before starting our workout regime is very important as it can make or break our performance. This is so because working out empty stomach makes our performance sluggish and does not let us give our 100%. Hence for an intense workout performance Garden of Life is the brand you can trust completely. The product is plant based and contains only natural ingredients. All in all, we can say that it is an ideal supplement required for a good workout.

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