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GENIUS PRE WORKOUT – All Natural Nootropic Preworkout Powder

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I have been a fitness freak all my life. Fitness training works great for people like me who love adventure, gymming, exercises and the look of bulging biceps. As a fitness trainer, it is not only

my staunch workout partner
Pre Workout at Gym

important to look and be fit, but also to lead a healthy lifestyle so that I can preach what I practice. As exercises are important, so is the diet. A protein-rich, nutritious diet is what I take and advice too. I work out daily and give demonstrations to clients which can also be counted as workout sessions. Now to maintain energy and endurance levels, I need a good supplement that can sustain me through rigorous sessions. I have tried many such supplements but one product that has impressed me is the Genius pre workout supplement.  I started using it a year ago on a trial basis but today, it has become my staunch workout partner.

How Important is Genius Pre for you

Pre workout supplements contain helpful ingredients which help increase performance. It enhances the stamina levels which help you work out better and more. The importance of such supplements is felt when you have to work out for hours and you find that you have no energy level after 30 minutes. Even though I have been taking extra supplements for strength and stamina, the benefits of pre workout supplements hit me only a few years ago. But most of these supplements contain a lot of chemicals, which is not something I will suggest. That is the reason Genius Pre workout supplement just works for me. Natural and effective!

What is Genius Pre?

I was recommended Genius Pre by a friend who is into bodybuilding a year ago. I was told it is a 100% natural product but I was apprehensive and tried it. I was impressed and knew at last I have come across a work out supplement that is natural and which suits my body and my lifestyle. It is the first clinically backed nootropic based pre workout. Nootropics are those ingredients that stimulate brain and help in enhancing cognitive functions. It is made from natural ingredients and does not contain caffeine. It is a rare supplement that constitutes brain nutrients which not only enhances performance but also stamina levels.

Introduction to Genius Pre

Genius Pre is perhaps the only such supplement in the world that has been created without any artificial and harmful constituents. Genius Pre with its brain nutrients creates a synergy between mind and muscles. This is what attracted me to it and this is what has motivated me to continue with it. I like it because there is no caffeine in the supplement. Today most of the pre workout supplements are made with cheap stimulants which may act for a little while but does nothing to boost energy or performance. Genius Pre does not contain any harmful chemicals and that is why it is best for fitness lovers like me for whom fitness means health as well.

What is Genius?

The brand name is Genius Pre WorkOut – All Natural Nootropic Preworkout powder. It is manufactured by the reputed brand Genius which is known for its healthy and safe nutritional supplements. I also take other supplements from Genius including Genius Burn to breakdown fat and Genius Protein to enhance muscles.

GENIUS PRE WORKOUT – All Natural Nootropic Preworkout Powder

User Reviews

It is not just my recommendation but all the users of Genius Pre have been ecstatic about the results.

One user has commended Genius Pre for setting a realistic path and enhancing blood circulation to help him go for the workouts. Since it does not contain any additives, there is no danger of getting addicted.

Another user bought it because it was a nootropics. Immediately after taking the supplement, he sensed an increase in his cognitive functions and found that he was more energized than before. Unlike other workout supplements, it did not make jittery or nervous.

What to Expect?

Genius Pre Workout supplement is a unique product that aims to synergise mind and muscle. When I heard it for the first time, I did not know what it meant but now I know by experience. It has definitely enhanced my brain health as I can feel a rejuvenation in me, in my thinking and I feel refreshed now even after a hard day at work.  You can definitely expect better ability to focus and enhanced concentration levels. With Genius Pre, you can expect to be better not just the gym but everywhere, work or parties.

Effects and Benefits

As someone who advises fitness regimen to people, I have to recommend healthy products that will not harm in the long run. Thus, Genius Pre with its powerful by light and natural ingredients works wonders not just for muscle enhancement and performance levels but also for health overall.

  • It contains natural ingredients such as stevia leaf extract, beet root among others.
  • It has natural flavors and there are no artificial flavoring substances added to it.
  • It also does not contain dyes or sugars and not even caffeine.
  • These are the benefits gained by me and those who know me have certainly seen the difference from ‘pre’ Genius Pre to ‘Post’ Genius Pre.
  • I have been off caffeine drinks for some years now, so anything that promises to be a stimulant is a little tricky for me as I know there might be caffeine in them. But Genius Pre is 100% caffeine free which is what I love about it.
  • Clinical studies have put forward the benefits of Beta Alanine for enhancing muscle endurance as well as power.
  • Another key ingredient is AlphaSize which has been clinically proven to improve brain functions, thus helping improve memory and concentration.
  • Genius Pre also enables me to focus better.

How to consume

It is a workout powder which can be consumed with plain water. I take 2 scoops in 12-14 oz of plain water. Just ensure that you mix well. Genius Pre powder mixes readily with water.

Suggested dosage

The suggested dose of Genius Pre is two scoops daily. Each scoop should be about 17 grams. You can also increase it to three servings which is what I recommend but more than that is not recommended.

Side effects

I have been consuming Genius Pre for a year now and I am yet to experience any side effects. It may be also because I take the dosage as recommended and I also work out rigorously. Genius Pre is made to help you in your workout to help you reach your fitness goals better and faster. Thus, you need to do your workouts regularly along with consuming Genius Pre. It is a natural product but some of the ingredients may cause some effects in some person but not all. For example, Beta Alanine can cause tingles but if you follow the instructions carefully, you will not experience any side effects.

Dangers and safety

Since Genius Pre is clinically dosed with effective ingredients which are great performance boosters, it is safe and does not cause any harmful effects.

Where to buy

You can buy Genius Pre and other supplements from Amazon at great prices. Click here.

Is Genius Pre Safe for Health?

For a fitness instructor like me and for someone who has been following the healthy and natural way to boost fitness, develop muscles and maintain a rugged physique, Genius Pre has been a wonderful supplement. I follow the instructions to the T and I use it regularly. It has not only helped me in increasing my performance but it has also made me more active and energized. With natural constituents and brain nutrients, Genius Pre is not only safe for health but also boosts health in the long run.


I have regular clients who have been with me for some time. Each of their fitness requirements is different. Some have started just recently while some have been at it since some years. But I have observed that Genius Pre has not only helped me enhance my performance to enable me to workout more, it is also helping many in my studio to lead a healthier and more active life. It does not contain any artificial flavoring substance but that does not mean it is tasteless. It has a subtle grape lime taste and that is definitely another advantage. Genius Pre works in a genius manner and it can be of help to everyone who is gearing towards their fitness goals.