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About four months ago, I had a severe backache and was advised completely to bed rest for a month. Just lying with no physical activity and eating lot of junk food, chocolates and cold drinks made me fat sooner than I could realize. I had gained 20 pounds all of a sudden.  My height is 5’ 9” and therefore my ideal weight had to be somewhere between 144 and 176 pounds but now I was 196.  The weight gain was not going to help my spine health as well. I started walking for a few minutes daily but I knew this wasn’t going to help me in my weight loss. That is when; a fitness expert named Joe suggested the Green tea weight loss pills from Natures Design. I wasn’t too keen on more tablets as I had taken quite a few during my bed rest period. But since Joe seemed healthy and fit and recommended it strongly, I decided to do some research about it and I was mighty impressed with the principle behind it. Today, I have shed the extra pounds and in fact, am more fit and fine.

How important is Natures Design Green Tea Weight Loss Pills for you?

The green tea weight loss pills have worked wonderfully for me. I was at a stage where I had to shed the extra weight but at the same time, I could not spend hours at the gym. I took the pills and I did light exercises daily like walking, stretching and yoga. I also ensured that my diet was a rich diet with fewer carbohydrates. I also loved the detoxifying effect that comes with it.

How important is Natures Design Green Tea Weight Loss Pills for you

Introduction to Natures Design Green Tea Weight Loss Pills

A product that is a weight loss as well as detoxifying pill, Natures Design Green Tea Weight Loss Pills is a food supplement and contains 98% green tea extract and polyphenols and natural caffeine. It also contains minerals such as magnesium and silica and has powerful antioxidant properties. Green tea has been tested and proved to boost weight loss. This is a supplement that helps you shed even stubborn fat and boosts health as well. My stomach bulge has reduced ever since taking the supplement and I also feel good from within. Since it removes stored toxins in the body, you will also feel rejuvenated.

What is Natures Design Green Tea Weight Loss Pills

Natures Design Green Tea Weight Loss Pills is a dietary supplement that is aimed at Losing weight and fat cutting but in a natural manner. It contains effective ingredients and works for both men and women. It is a toxic remover as well.

What is Natures Design Green Tea Weight Loss Pills

What is Natures Design?

Green Tea – Weight Loss Pills – Detox Cleanse – Burn Belly Fat – Lose Weight Naturally Fast – Dietary Supplement – Pure Extract – For Men & For Women – Pre Workout +Natural Energy By Natures Design

User Reviews

When I started using it for the first time, I was not sure about the weight loss part but I knew as it contained 98% green tea extracts, it would not cause any harm to the body. But within a week, I found results and was amazed. So are the many users who have found the right way to lose that extra stubborn fat.

One user has just used Natures Design Green Tea Weight Loss Pills for just two weeks and has been able to lose three pounds. He also loved the detoxification that came with the product. He is thrilled to be consuming a supplement that cleanses from inside.

Another user has narrated how she has been trying to lose her belly fat for a year now but nothing had worked. With Natures Design Green Tea Weight Loss Pills, she was able to get a flat stomach in just three weeks. What she recommends is not just the weight loss properties but the body cleansing of the pills.

What to Expect?

You can expect the effectiveness of green tea, the goodness of antioxidants and the power of natural as well as powerful ingredients that not only helps in weight loss, but also provides your body with extra energy and even boosts memory.

Effects and Benefits

  • A beneficial pre workout supplement, it is also beneficial for those who are not into rigorous exercise regimen
  • The natural caffeine in green tea extracts contain EGCG which breaks down fat more effectively which lends body more energy
  • The capsules with rich green tea extracts enable the body to break fats continuously, thus even helping you to lose stubborn belly fat
  • The antioxidants promote overall health and also helps boost memory
  • Metabolism gets a boost and the body feels more active
  • It inhibits hunger and promotes healthy eating

How to Consume

Take one or two capsules daily but along with meals.

Suggested Dosages: 500 mg per serving is recommended. Thus, it is advised to either take just one capsule a day or two daily. I have been able to lose weight but at a faster rate and this have happened after I started with a single capsule daily. After one week, I increased the dose to two capsules a day but not more than that.

Side Effects

Natures Design Green Tea Weight Loss Pills is a natural product and hence there are not many side effects associated with it. Overdosing can lead to undesired effects; hence adhering to the dose as has been instructed is advised.

Dangers & Safety

Overall, the product is safe but it is important not to overdose. It is already a powerful product with amazing quantity of green tea which is a powerful fat cutter. So, there is no need to take higher dosage. Also, children under the age of 18 should not use this product nor should pregnant or lactating women. Store the bottle well sealed and in a dry place. Do not expose it to sun. Also, always take the advice of your doctor before you start using a food supplement.

Where to Buy

Buy Natures Design Green Tea Weight Loss Pills from Amazon at exclusive prices. Amazon being an authorized seller, quality of the product is guaranteed.

Is Natures Design Green Tea Weight Loss Pills safe for health?

Green tea is consumed by millions of people daily worldwide. Some in fact consume them twice or thrice a day. Thus, it is one of the safe products but at the same time, it contains natural caffeine that helps in fat burning. Natures Design Green Tea Weight Loss Pills contain the fat loss properties of Green Tea and also antioxidants that help in boosting health. These pills are made with high quality standards and are safe to consume. Adhere to the dosage as and how it is suggested.


I should say that just like so many users, I have been able to not only lose my weight but also maintain my ideal weight with the help of Natures Design Green Tea Weight Loss Pills. At the same time, it is important to ensure that you have a diet rich in nutrients and low in carbs and also do the exercises you were always into. Since I had just recovered from a bad backache, I could not do rigorous workouts but I carried on with physical activities. Thus, diet and exercises along with the weight loss pills can do wonders for your weight loss goals.