How to Lose Weight in a Month with Yoga

These days, losing weight seems difficult to everyone. Obese people are searching for the ways to maintain their body fitness level. But, no one knows that yoga is a simple and effective way to maintain a good health. Here are some yoga poses that will make you aware of how to lose weight in a month with yoga.

  1. Simhasana pose:

Simhasana is also called as the lion pose. It helps to reduce the fat in your face within a month easily without any side effects and also it act as the best stress reliever. It is suitable for all age people those who want to reduce their face fat can do this Simhasana pose.

You should do this pose every day at morning time. This is completely a sitting pose. If you have any trouble to sit, you can use the chairs also. It is easy to do and also it will not provide any potential risks.

  1. Jalandhara Bandha poses:

This is the best yoga for weight loss. The people who are suffering from the thyroid problem can do this pose. You should take a long breath while doing this yoga. If you having any breathing issues, better you should take practice with a certified yoga teacher.

And the most important thing is you should not attempt this yoga if you are suffered from the high blood pressure and also the heart-related diseases. You should do this yoga about 5 minutes completely at morning time.

  1. Chaturanga dandasana:

This yoga pose can able to reduce the fat quickly. It not only strengthens your arms but also it helps to tone your arms. This pose is also called as low plank pose. At first, you should stay off your body on the ground and keep your hands on the ground for supporting.

As I said before, it helps to strengthen the muscles so you should not attempt this pose if you having any shoulder injury. If it happens, then you may suffer from the heavy injury. Approximately, you should do this yoga about 4-5 minutes and keep in your mind you should not do this yoga if you’re taking any meals. Better you should do this yoga at morning time before getting the breakfast.

  1. Ardha pincha mayurasana yoga:

Are you suffering from the heavy fat? Then, this is the best yoga for you. This is otherwise called as the dolphin pose. This yoga helps to reduce the body fat and also it strengthens your body muscles.

You can easily do this pose without any risk. This asana is suitable for all age peoples. Even the aged people also do this asana daily but the person who is suffering from the neck injuries should avoid it.

  1. Matsyasana:

This pose is called as the fish pose. It helps to strengthen your thighs, intestines, hips and abdominal muscles. It can able to reduce the blood pressure in your body. Within 3 weeks of time, you can reduce your fat easily without suffering from any side effects.

Follow the above-mentioned yoga poses on a daily basis to get effective results.

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