Natural pre workout

Are you going to gym every day? Good, it is a good way to lose your weight. But when you are going for the workout, another question arraise is, are you keep yourself full energized while you are doing your workout? Most us answer that no. If you are one of the people said no to this question you may be spoiling your effects and hard work of doing workouts.

Selecting a right drink before going for a workout is not only preventing your body from restarting of its lost energy but also it will be a good idea to lose your weight successfully. Nowadays the market is filled with more and more ready-made energy drinks to claim energy and keep your energy level as same throughout the workout.

But the experts in the workout are always recommended to take the natural pre workout drinks which are made by your home itself to skip the readymade drinks. There are some reasons for avoiding the readymade drinks while doing the exercise, some of them are listed below,

  • Natural energy drinks contain very low amount of sugar. When you prepare it as a homemade drink, you can easily alter their sugar content as per your need.
  • The natural drinks do not contain more than 8% of carbohydrates, which eventually aids in weight loss.
  • The sodium content of these natural drinks remains under control, which is essential for people suffering from hypertension while doing the workouts.

By keeping all these reasons in mind we have listed some of the natural pre-workout drinks below,

  • Berry juice,
  • Cherry juice,
  • Carrot juice,
  • Green tea and honey mix,
  • Coffee,
  • Beer

Berry juice:

Preparing a berry juice is very easy, you can prepare it by mixing some whey protein powder, a small amount of coconut milk and newly prepared herbal iced tea with pure blackberry or blueberry juice. This juice will give you instant energy during your workout.

Berry Juice

Cherry juice:

You can make a cherry juice by just crushing it with your juicer. You can drink it before going for the workout. The antioxidant contents of the fruit will keep you to keep away from post-workout swelling and it will help your muscles to recover faster.

Cherry Juice
Fresh juice made of sweet cherries and ice

Carrot juice:

Drinking a carrot juice will provide you vitamin e which helps your muscles to utilize the oxygen more efficiently. In addition to this is a great way to replenish your lost energy in the workout.

Green tea and honey mix:

The mixture of green tea with pure honey will act as a perfect drink before you go to the workout. It will act as an energy booster for your workout time as it can increase your endurance greatly.


When you drink a considerable amount of coffee before you are going for the exercise, it will boost up your energy during the workout and reduce the exercise-related soreness.


Drinking of beer can hydrate your body extremely fast, which will help you to reduce the pain caused by the workout.