For all those who are into the field of body building like me knows the importance of consuming the right proteins. In this quest I have tried to gain proteins from various sources like fish, eggs, nuts, chicken and many more. The results have been good but not what I expected as there is always a little that is lacking. Even trying products like whey proteins and casein have not been fruitful to the T. After doing much research across various bodybuilding forums I came across something called branched chain amino acid supplements. These have been proven to influence the muscle growth through a variety of pathways in the body.

Optimum Nutrition BCAA Capsules, 1000mg, 400 Count

Introduction to Branched Chain Amino Acids

These have been there since a long time but have gained importance in the field of bodybuilding in the recent times. This is due to the fact that they have been excellent in terms of muscle growth and performance. The three types of branched chain amino acids called Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine which are generally combined in the ratio of 2:1:1 in any supplements. It has been the most preferred supplement for many bodybuilders like me for the sheer ease with which it can be consumed. The branched chain amino acids are available in two forms i.e. powder and capsule. The former is consumed by mixing it with protein or any other help supplement and comes in a variety of flavors. The pills or capsules have gained a preference for they are easy to carry and consume.

What are BCAA Capsules?

The BCAAs are generally the essential amino acids that the body cannot synthesize on its own. But these are very much essential in building muscles a preserving lean muscle. Therefore I suggest that these should be consumed through other dietary sources and nothing can beat the BCAA capsules. These are known or their ease of consumption, muscle building, and exercise recovery.

What is Optimum Nutrition BCAA?

The product is manufactured under the brand name Optimum Nutrition, which is a part of the leading nutritional ingredients group called Glanbia. Other than this the company also has another brand of nutritional supplements called the American Body Building. Under these brands, the company sells a host of nutritional supplements like capsules, bars, and tablets etc. The company has a history of maintaining the highest quality standards for their products. Hence one can be rest assured while purchasing.


User Reviews

Not only me but there are other users as well who have had some amazing reviews about the product. Many have found these capsules to be extremely helpful in making them feel energized during the workouts. Also, people have loved the fact that there are no artificial sweeteners in these like other energy drinks. For many, this has been the prefect supplement for decreasing the muscle soreness after an engaging workout session. People have liked the fact these come is pills or capsule form and are easy to ingest then carrying the bottle of powdered supplement to the gym.

What to expect? 

After having consumed the product for some time now I have seen gains not only in terms of muscle growth but others as well. The workout sessions feel more energized and the recovery time has also been faster than before. All in all, one can expect to retain more muscle mass and get rid of the unwanted fat.

Effects and Benefits

This is a perfect pre work out a supplement for all those who are looking to put on some mass or get rid of the excess fat keeping the muscle intact. Being in the fitness field and having tested the product I can vouch for the benefits it provides.

  • They have the capacity to increase the rate of protein synthesis than normally the body is capable of. This is because the contents of the capsules are already broken into the necessary amino acids.
  • Apart from the increase in protein synthesis it also inhabits the breakdown of muscle cells.
  • Taking them as a pre workout supplement inhabits the production of serotonin which causes fatigue. Therefore this helps you pump in more energy in your workouts.
  • They have also been found to reduce soreness in muscles after a strenuous workout and also help in faster recovery.
  • BCAA capsules may not directly effect in weight loss but indirectly they can definitely help you lose some extra pounds. It does so by reducing the production of cortisol hormone which is primarily responsible for promoting storage of fat in the body.
  • Improves appetite in people who are mal nourished.

When to Consume

For optimal benefits, the dosage should be concentrated during, before and after the training. To explain it further either it should be taken first thing in the morning or 30 minutes before you begin the workout. If you forget this dose then it can also be taken immediately after the workout.

Suggested Dosages

Two capsules preferably with your protein shake or any other beverage should do the needful. But make sure you avoid those sugary drinks.

Side Effects

These capsules are generally harmless, but in certain situations exercising caution before consuming these is very important.

  • During the condition of pregnancy and breastfeeding it is generally not advisable to consume branched chain amino acids.
  • They are known to effect are blood sugar levels therefore taking them before undergoing any surgery might be dangerous.
  • Other than this nausea, pain and headache can be some of the minor symptoms which go with time.

Dangers & Safety

This is one of the best products for those looking to increase muscle mass and gets rid of the unwanted fat. The capsules are made by mixing the three amino acids in the ratio of 2:1:1 and is completely safe. The company assures that the customers buy products that are made from the purest ingredients mixed in proper concentrations.

Where to buy

The product is easily available at various online stores like Amazon at very affordable prices. For more information you can click here.


Is it safe for health?

The company manufactures products maintaining highest standards of quality therefore are absolutely safe for consumption. The company follows all the good manufacturing processes and the products are certified by NSF.


After having used the product for quite some time now I can definitely say that it promotes good health in more than one way. From building on muscles, getting rid of the excess fat and preserving lean mass the BCAA capsule does it all. After a point of time gaining muscles becomes a very difficult task to accomplish. Consuming BCAA capsules gives a good boost in increasing protein synthesis and build muscles. They are definitely worth all the money you pay for.