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Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder

Increases muscle strength and power


It would be so wonderful to have a smartphone app where we have the choice to select all the wonderful abs of our choice from supplementsour favorite personalities and just stick it on our body. Resting this day dream for the future innovators, enthusiasts like me still have a hope of getting that wonderful body (more easily) which seemed so difficult early. Yes guys I’m talking about the nutritional supplements (especially Creatine supplements.) One can’t expect to fulfill all our nutritional requirements from our diet, more so when you have to push yourself to do that extra workout.

About the Nutrition Creatine Powder

Now with the overflowing creatine supplements in the market, the question arises which brand to choose to get the best deal. Here I would insist on a quality product that’s why I went for the brand known for its quality products” optimum nutrition” which sells many of its products creatine powder, Unflavored which comes both in 600gms and 150gms. It is manufactured from creature a synthetic creatine. Its main ingredient is creatinine monohydrate which is among the most well-researched sports nutrition ingredients. Besides this product promises to improve performance in high-intensity exercise and gives all the other benefits of creatine. It comes in micronized powder form to address the. Solubility issues. It is rendered unflavored by its patented procedures for stalking versatility.

Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder

Optimum nutrition is a name which defines quality and innovation. It is to sports nutrition products as Roger Federer is to tennis. Founded in 1986 by Tony and Michael Costello as Costello health distributors but later diversified into sports nutrition industry. It is one of the leading companies in sports and nutrition industry whose mission is to provide the best quality products.

User Reviews

Like all the other products of optimum nutrition micronized creatine powder is also gaining popularity among the users. I have listed a few (both negative and positive) reviews below to give better insights about the product for the new buyers:

optimum nutrition micronized creatine powder

-“The supplement does what is advertised. The supplement increased gains, energy, and dedication. I’ve definitely noticed the difference. Moreover, it’s dirt-cheap!”

-“I have seen a decrease in soreness after workouts after using this product. The powder blends well with my protein powder. I will buy again!”

-“Pretty good stuff at a good price. It is still a bit gritty, but I don’t think there is any way to get away from that. The micronized power makes it better. All in all, I have a good experience with this.”

What to Expect

One can definitely expect positive effects promised by the product. This product works best when taken post workout but few people found it very useful for both before and after workouts’ would say it is basically an individual choice. If we look at the negative feedback they are regarding solubility and packaging issues. One cannot expect creatine to dissolve completely in water (as it is pH neutral and polar) creatine is neither so disassociates with water. To address this problem to a certain level, it is micronized. But one may still not expect complete solubility

Effects and Benefits

This product has more benefits when assessed with the risks involved (which are rare). now let me list out the various benefits you can experience by using the product:

  • It increases muscle size, strength, and power
  • Improves performance in high-intensity workouts
  • Speeds up the recovery time and increase the energy levels
  • Improves Sprint (both single and repetitive) performance as it increases the body ATP level.
  • Improves metabolic rate and increases muscle mass by promoting greater gains in fat-free mass in the body.

How to Consume:

ON’smicronized creatine mono hydrate mixes very well in protein shakes and fruit juices and promises to stay in the solution longer than its counter parts and does not settle down.it can be stalked in various ways as it is unflavored.

Suggested Dosage

Each serving (one teaspoon) of ON’s creatine powder supplies 5gms of 99.9%pure creapure creatine mono hydrate, which is the recommended dosage per day. Although there is an individual preference as when to take it, it mostly works best when taken post work out. Some people even split the dosage into pre and post work out.it comes in different sizes ranging from 150-2000gms to suit ones budget and need.

Side Effects

The side effects with the product are very rare and isolated cases. The side effects experienced by some users are:

-It can lead to increased blood pressure (up to 200mm/hg) and irregular heartbeat. (But evidence is lacking to directly establish creatine as the cause.

– In some people it has shown to increase the blood creatine to unhealthy levels which can be harmful for the kidney.

-It can cause severe stomach cramps, constipation, diaherea, nausea and increased thirst.

– Few people experienced loss of hair while on creatine dose.

Special Precautions and Warnings

It was found that the Observed Safe Level for creatine monohydrate supplementation is 5 gm per day .Controlled clinical trials have not found any adverse effects in healthy individuals at this level. But for people experiencing side effects can do well by following certain precautions.

Hydrate your body: Creatine causes muscles to draw water from the rest of your body. So make sure you drink extra water to make up for this.

Bipolar disorder: people with bipolar disorder should avoid it as certain cases have been reported where people with bipolar disorder who took creatine daily for 4 weeks has worsened their condition.

Kidney disease or diabetes: There is some concern that creatine might make kidney disease worse.

Drug interaction: Creatine, when taken with medicines known to be harmful to the kidneys, can further add to the kidney damage.

Pregnancy and lactation: Although not enough information available on it, it is better to be safe and avoid supplements in such conditions.

Where to Buy

Although sold through various routes, I found Amazon rendering the purchase extra special mainly because it offers a better price, better delivery and better customer support and return /refund policy. In addition it gives extra discounts for regular customers and also to the bulk purchases.

Is the Product Safe for Health

Creatine mono phosphate is a well-researched subject and most studies have not found significant side effect. Overall the side effects reports have been rare and isolated cases and cannot be generalized. I would say it is one of the safest products in this product type. For the rare number of people experiencing side effects, one can either opt out or take the various precautions with the consultation of an expert.


I recommend this product to all those, who need that extra energy for performance both in the gym and on the field, not only for the brand which is known for its quality products but mainly for delivering what it promised.And buying a quality product from a quality retailer like Amazon (known for its service and low pricing) can be a deal of your life.