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Losing extra calories is always a daunting task for one and all who gained overweight. There are so many weight loss programs are available in these days market, but each one of those methods should contain any one of the mistakes that stop the results.

On the other hand, people who would like to burn extra fat thought that spending a lot of time to perform workout is only the way to lose weight.  But, this is not in the case, but even 21 minutes of workouts also lead you to shed overweight.

Yes, it is proved scientifically and you can able to obtain the same benefits of long term workouts in 21 minutes of workout section. How is it possible? This is where the bodyweight burn program is introduced by Adam Steer.

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What exactly is body weight burn?

The body weight burn is a kind of diet and exercise program which is designed by Adam Steer who is an NCSA laptopcertified personal trainer. The main goal of this program is dropping down up to 21 pounds of extra fat in 12 weeks.

This system is also called as bodyweight 3X fat-burn multiplier effects or simply referred as BW3 multiburn. In addition to that, this system make uses 3 scientifically proven exercises. With this system, you can enjoy your favorite food items including carb rich foods.

When you perform the diet plan and workouts mentioned in this system properly, you will get the following benefits.

  • You can able to burn some extra calories on every day
  • You will get more energy and as well as better health
  • It will results in reduced pain, injuries and aches
  • It allows you to enjoy your favorite carb rich foods
  • You no need to go the gym
  • It doesn’t require any equipment

How does body weight burn work?

There are so many workout programs to lose weight, then why I need to buy the bodyweight burn system and how it helps me to shed extra fat? These are all your questions right!! Keep continue to read this entire section to find the reasons.

How does body weight burn workHigh-intensity interval training is the major part of this program and it also includes cardio and as well as muscle building methods. In order to burn more calories, interval training is very important. So, you have a chance of getting rest and as well as feeling the burning calories.

In addition to that, 21 minutes of high-intensity interval training program also burns calories when you’re taking rest. In order to perform the high-intensity interval training program, it provides 3 specific BW3 MultiBurn methods.

Method #1: Cardioflow

This cardioflow method turns your body to fat burning mode because it includes high intensity that you body requires. In this method, you’re going to do workouts that lead your body to make use stored extra calories for energy.

This is a set of workout sequence, which is fun to do and also chained. You know, this cardioflow is much better than the jogging. But, by doing this workout, your body doesn’t release a hormone called cortisol.

Method #2: Afterburners

This second method of fat burning helps you to transform your metabolism into 24/7, that is a 24/7 fat burning machine. When you’re doing workouts, you body burn some amount of calories, but if you make use afterburners, then burning calories are extended up to 38 hours.

Therefore, without doing exercises also you can able to burn a considerable amount of extra calories. And, this method restores your body to normal state and as well as removes garbage byproducts in your muscles.

Method #3: Metabolic-muscle sessions

As I said before, there are mistakes in all other weight loss program and this is why many people met failure.  But, the bodyweight burn program found that mistake and removes in this session. This is the main session in body weight burn and here is the magic occur and provides desired results.

You know, there is another way to boosts up your body to burn extra calories that are, insulin sensitivity. Insulin in your body plays a vital role, which is only transfers nutrients and energy from the blood into cells.

This is also called as storage hormones, because if your body have less amount of insulin, then more energy is stored as fat. So, the body weight burn helps to increase the level of insulin in your body.

These are the 3 methods used in the body weight burn to burn more calories. And, by using BW3 MultiBurn methods, the body weight burn helps you to burn extra fat and retain your old shape.

What will you get with body weight burnWhat will you get with body weight burn?

When you purchase BW3 MultiBurn system, you will get the following items.

  1. BW3 workout system

This system includes 3 methods to burn extra fat and each and every page of this source teaches you the secret of weight loss.

  1. BW3 exercise manual

This manual guide includes photos of workouts recommended in the BW3 workout system.

  1. Handy wall charts

This handy wall chart helps you to track your efforts and results.

  1. Body weight burns quick start guide

In this guide, you come to know everything that you need before starting your workout session.

  1. BW3 workout system integration guide

The integration guide tells you how to make use all the above-listed products of bodyweight burn program.

These are the things that you will get from body weight burn.


  • It includes everything that you need to start program
  • You can do workouts at your home itself.
  • This program doesn’t require equipment to do exercise.
  • You no need to spend a lot of time and 21 minutes a day is more enough
  • This is available at affordable price
  • This is simple and easy to follow program
  • This is for both men and women


Summing up:

Overall, the bodyweight burn program provides the unique and scientifically effective workout programs to burn extra fat. If you’re looking for a high-intensity interval training program to do at your home, then I recommend you to buy bodyweight burn system.

Additionally, this program comes to your hand with 60 days money back guarantee, so simply buy and try. If you’re not satisfied with this program, then you will get your money back 100%. But, more than thousand people got benefits from this system and happy with their results. Thus, I hope, you also obtain your desired result.