Going in on a diet is always risky if you don’t follow some certain rules or know what you are doing. The Paleo diet is a very simple diet that will help your body gain pure straight, but you will have to follow a few simple guidelines to complete this diet.

Easy Paleo Diet PlanFirst of all the Paleo Diet should be high in fat, moderate in animal proteins and low in carbohydrates. You should not portion control nor count the calories in this diet. The next guild line is eating a lot of saturated fats like coconut oil or butter. Beef tallow and lard are also good but only if they come from high-quality animals.
In this diet eating good amounts of animal protein is very important. Those proteins include red meant, pork, eggs, organs (liver, kidney, heart and so on), wild caught fish and shellfish. You shouldn’t be afraid of eating fatty cuts and all meals with protein should contain fat as well.

A Generous amount of fresh or frozen vegetables is recommended in combination with the mentioned food above.

For the Paleo diet, the breakfast should be an omelet. The wonderful thing about it is that it can be combined with so many other things like onions, peppers, mushrooms, cheese, broccoli and so on. This way you could eat omelets for weeks and not get bored of them due to the always changing taste.

In the Paleo diet, the lunches are easy. A good old big salad with anything you like should be the best way to start your day. Mix greens, spinach, radishes, peppers, cucumbers and anything you can find that you think will fit together.

Dinners are usually are a bit more oriented towards pasta recipes, spaghetti with meatballs or pesto. You can change it up as you like because the Paleo diet is very versatile.


  1. […] Paleo diet is the most natural way of consuming food like our ancestors did. When I say our ancestors, this means the earliest of the earliest men who weren’t obese or suffering from most of the diseases that have hit us like a plague today. This diet will help you stay lean as well as healthy and avoid risky diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, infertility, and Alzheimer’s. Paleo diet burns off stored fat and helps you better your workouts. In this way, it reduces your weight and saves you from becoming overweight or obese. […]