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SmartyPants Kids Complete Gummy Vitamins

Multivitamin & Omega 3 DHA/EPA Fish Oil, Methyl B12, Vitamin D3, 120 count


It is always said that a man job is only between dawn and dusk, supplementwhereas mothers job is never-ending 24/7 work. Whether it might be a homemaker or working women, children take the highest priority and providing them a healthy lifestyle is all time goal of a mother. As a mother of 2 preschoolers, providing them with a healthy and tasty stuff is the biggest challenge for me. My morning starts with a thought what should be given in a breakfast that is rich in vitamins and minerals that my kids need.  The most stressful situation is making them eat the healthy stuff that is needed for their growing body.

How Important is SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins for you?

In order to work properly, our body needs various kinds of vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals are necessary and we will get it from food that we eat. According to the needs of the body, we need to supply sufficient vitamins.  Few kinds of food are rich in vitamins. Whenever I prepare a food I see that my kids get all the necessary vitamins for their body to grow healthy.

My kids are unmanageable at the table. They are very choosy while eating food. They are not concerned about the food they are having. They are only bothered of the taste. If it tastes good then they will finish it or else food remains in the plate for hours. Listing to my problem one of my friends suggested SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins and explaining how it helped her.

She said after using it she stopped worrying about the food her kid eats. Then I thought of giving it a try, a little bit skeptical about the result.  After using it a month I can see the result. My 2nd kid who looks a little bit weak started feeling strong and active whereas the first child became sharp and smart in his school.

SmartyPants Kids Complete Gummy Vitamins

Introduction to SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins

SmartPants Gummy vitamins have 13 varieties of nutrients that are necessary for the child growth. Vitamins like B12 which help in increasing the focus and balance the energy levels, vitamin D that helps in making bones strong and healthy are present in this. It also contains Omega 3 DHA/EPA Fish Oil which is important for brain health. It does not contain synthetic colors, artificial flavors or preservatives. So we can use it with a great confidence as it is Gluten and Allergen-free.

What are “SmartyPants” Gummy Vitamins?

Smartypants Gummy vitamin focuses on nutrients that are necessary and are hard to get them only from the diet for kids.   Proportions of nutrients in these gummies are based on FDA’s recommendations. In order to taste good, they used some sweeteners which are also organic in nature and no preservatives or synthetic colors used.

What are SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins

About the Product

The brand name is SmartyPants Kids Complete: Multivitamin, Vitamin D3, and Omega 3s which is manufactured in California with premium NON_GMO ingredients from around the world.

User Reviews

One of my friends recommended this product to me. After using this I observed a change in my kids. My elder son who is 4yrs old used to be absent-minded became active and started performing good in his activities. He now started getting involved in various activities at his play center. My younger kid who is 3yrs old used to look lean and the week is now looking healthier. Looking at the result I am very much satisfied and I also recommended to my other friends who are getting stressed just like me. After using this product they thanked me for introducing such a wonderful product to them.

One of the users shared that his kids are happy with gummy vitamins and  Omega-3’s as they are no need to  take a liquid or a capsule that tastes awful.

What to Expect? 

SmartyPants Gummies are stuffed with 13 nutrients that are essential for the growth of child health. I started this with an oscillating mind but now with a greater confidence, I am recommending it to many others. I started searching for a supplement which could help me in overcoming the decencies of few essential vitamins. But now I found a complete pack of vitamins which would help my child development. One can expect a healthy growth in their children after using these gummies.

Effects and Benefits

SmartyPants Gummies are tasty for kids and they love to take them as there is no awful taste and are free from allergen and gluten. Apart they contribute to the necessary vitamins that are needed for the growth of children

  • Organic cane sugar and tapioca syrup are used as sweeteners. These ingredients make gummies taste good.
  • It consists of Methyl B12 which help in increased focus and balances the energy level of the body
  • Vitamin D and D3 makes the bone stronger and healther.it also helps in increasing the absorption level.
  • Omega3 oils will help in keeping the mind healthy and active.
  • Vitamins A, C, E are also incorporated and they help in increasing the antioxidants in the body.

How to Consume

SmartyPants Gummies are chewable with a taste that child loves to have. I give my kids 4 gummies per day with a time difference of 5 to 6hrs. They enjoy chewing it.

Suggested Dosages

The suggested dosage of this SmartyPants Gummies is 4 per day. Give it with a specific time interval and observe the change in your kids.

Side Effects

As this is only a multivitamin tablets and I follow the instructions and dosage, I did not observe any kind of side effects in my kids. But if you are allergic to fish oil it is better to avoid this as it consists of fish oils.

Dangers & Safety

SmartyPants Gummies are thoroughly tested at every stage and are also tested by 3rd party there is no harm in consuming it and is completely safe as it avoids synthetic colors and preservatives.

Where to Buy

SmartyPants Kids Complete: Multivitamin, Vitamin D3, and Omega 3s are available at Amazon at an affordable price.

Is SmartyPants Gummies Safe for Health?

As a mother of 2 kids, I would not take any kind of chances that will affect my children health. As this product uses organic ingredients and does not use any preservatives or synthetic colors it is safe and healthy.


SmartyPants Kids Complete: Multivitamin came to me as a savior. It satisfied the needs of both ends. One end is me who am struggling to give kids a complete notorious and healthy diet and the other end is my kids who love to have tasty food, not considering its benefits. This is chewable gummies and my kids enjoy taking them.  Apart they provide all the necessary nutrients needed for their growing body needs.