There are so many reasons to following a vegan diet, but no matter that for which reason you’re following a vegan diet, you need to avoid some things in a vegan diet. This is the first time for you to following a vegan diet, so don’t know the things to avoid as a vegan? No worries, we’re here to know few things to avoid in your vegan diet. Let’s see what those things are!!

What things do I need to avoid as a vegan?

First of all, what is vegan diet and how it differs from other diet plans? The vegan diet is a lifestyle on which vegan needs to avoid using of animal products or any other animal by-products. Nowadays, this kind of lifestyle is used by many people for some reasons such as ethical, health and environmental reasons.

At the same time, vegan diet differs from a vegetarian diet that contains eggs, dairy, and other animal products. If you want to follow a vegan diet or want to become a vegan, then you need to avoid the following things in your lifestyle. There are so many things to avoid as a vegan, but here we’re going to know 13 things to avoid as a vegan.

  1. Flesh Diets

you-need-to-avoid-in-a-vegan-dietAs I said before, a vegan diet completely avoids animal product and as well as its by-products. So, here are 6 animal products that you need to avoid in a vegan diet.

  • Meats like lamb, pork, horse, beef, organ meat, and so on
  • Poultry items such as turkey, chicken, duck, goose and more
  • Some of the fish and seafood such as shrimp, scallops, crab, fish sauce and all types of fish
  • Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cream, butter and et al.
  • Some of the bee products such as bee pollen, honey, jelly and etc
  • Some eggs items like fish and ostriches

These are some of the animal products that you need to avoid as a vegan.

  1. Ingredients derived from animals

Nowadays, so many foods include ingredients that derived from animals, so you need to find and avoid those items.

  • Certain additives that have ingredients derived from an animal such as E904, E631, E322, and more.
  • In the preparation of carmine, ground cochineal scale insects or natural dye is used, so avoid cochineal and carmine.


  • Gelatin is made by using skin, connective tissues and bones of cow and pig, so avoid it.
  • You know, preparing of beer and wine also includes substances derived from gelatin, so try to avoid drinking of vegan.
  • Additionally, omega-3 fatty acid also derived from alternatives of vegan ingredients, so prevent the omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Most of the Vitamin D3 is derived from the fish oil, so check once or twice and then consume Vitamin D3.
  • Some of the dairy ingredients such as lactose, casein and like more are derived from fatty acids.

These are some of the things that you need to avoid as a vegan.