Top 10 Exercises for Abs

The abs exercises help to build your body with shape and strengthen. There are many abs exercises, which can combine the several moves into an abs circuit. This is a major time saver and ab circuits are cardiovascular, in which the overtime will allow you to see those abs being built by the abs exercises. Here are the top 10 abs exercises listed below,

  • Russian Twists
  • Kettlebell Windmills
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Gorilla Chin/Crunch
  • Barbell Ab Rollouts
  • Cable Crunches
  • Side Jackknifes
  • The Plank
  • Exercise Ball Pull-In
  • Press Sit-Up

Russian Twists:

The Russian Twists are performed for 10 reps per side. Just hold a weight by using both of the arms for resistance. Then twist your torso to the right side until the arms are parallel with the floor. Then move back to starting stage and do it again with opposite side.

Russian Twists

Kettlebell Windmills:

Just clean-and-press the kettlebell on the overhead when rotating the wrist. Then bend your hip to one side, slowly lean until you touch the floor with a free hand. Then reverse the motion and repeat the process.

Hanging Leg Raises:

It is hanging from a chin-up bar, and raise your legs until the legs and torso form a 90-degree angle.

Gorilla Chin/Crunch:

You need to hang from the chin-up bar with an underhand grip, then bend your knees to a 90-degree angle and wants to pull yourself up when crunching.

Barbell Ab Rollouts:

For this, you need a barbell. First place the barbell which is loaded with 5-10 pounds of plates on the floor in front of you. Now grip the barbell with both hands shoulder width. Then slowly roll the bar forward, teaching your body into a straight position. Now take a pause at the stretched position, the pullback yourself back to the starting position.

Cable Crunches:

In this exercise, the keen below has a high pulley which contains a rope attachment. You need to grasp the cable rope attachment and lower the rope until the hands are placed next to the face. Make your hips flexible slightly and allow the weight to hyperextend to the lower back. Now exhale and hold the contraction for a second, then slowly return to the normal position to inhale.

Side Jackknifes:

Try to lie on your right side by keeping your left leg over the right leg. Now place the right hand in the comfortable position and clasp the left hand behind the head. Then bring the torso and left leg towards each other by pulling with your obliques.

Side Jackknifes

The Plank:

Just hold up user self by using your elbows in the prone position and try to hold on that position as long as you can.

Exercise Ball Pull-In:

Try to place your low shines on the top of a ball and stand in push-up position with the hand’s shoulder width. Then pull the knees in toward the chest while keeping your back straight.

Press Sit-Up:

Lie down on the bench with the barbell placed on your chest. While inhaling tighten the abdominals in this position.