Vitamin D Help You Lose Weight


As you may already know, vitamin D deficiency is considered to be one of the root causes of health problems connected to obesity. According to what the researchers have shown, adjusting the levels of vitamin D in your body would not only help to keep you healthy but also help you to lose weight. In addition to that, it has many other benefits mentioned below.

All you need to know about Vitamin D

Vitamin D is soluble in fat and is found in some foods. However, the 2 best sources for obtaining this vitamin is exposure to sun and supplements. It works as the repairing agent for our teeth, bones, immunity system and also enhances the absorption of phosphorus and calcium in your body. As far as the deficiency is concerned, around 50% of the total population in the world is experiencing it.


In 2013 the researchers at the University of Milan conducted several experiments on this topic including the one where 400 obese patients were closely monitored for 2 years. The patients were later categorized into 3 different groups and were put on a low-calorie diet.

Group 1: This group was put on a low-calorie diet without any use of vitamin D supplements.

Group 2: Along with low-calorie diet, this group also took 25,000 IUs/month of vitamin D supplements.

Group 3: This group took 100,000 IU’s/month of vitamin D supplements and followed the low-calorie diet.

After 6 months, it was found that the patients from group 2 and 3 lost a lot more weight as compared to the patients from group 1. Based on these facts, the team conducting this experiment suggested everyone suffering from obesity to get their levels of Vitamin D tested and start using these supplements to cover this deficiency.

It’s recommended that you aim for at least 2,000 IUs of vitamin D a day. Although vitamin D is present in foods such as tuna, eggs, mackerel and salmon, the quantity is rather insignificant. 30 minutes of daily sun exposure is definitely the best way of fulfilling this necessity; however, it usually ends up in burning your skin and causing dark complexion. Therefore the safest yet equally effective method is taking supplements.

Other benefits of Vitamin D in reference to obesity

There are many other benefits of achieving the optimum level of vitamin D all of which are connected to obesity in some way.

1. Eating less but feeling more satisfied: Meeting the required level of vitamin D, your body starts releasing more leptin. Leptin could be defined as the hormone that conveys “I am full” signal to the brain.

2. Vitamin D also helps in slowing down the fat cells to store more fat. Conversely, vitamin D deficiency results in speeding up this process which at some point results in obesity.

3. As mentioned earlier, exposure to sun is considered to be the best source of Vitamin D; it would also help in burning the fat stored in your body.

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