Yoga Burn System – Her Yoga Secrets Review

Want to get the shaped belly? Do you like to shed off the extra fat found in your belly? Looking for the best yoga course that really helps you to burn belly fat in a quick way? If yes, then it’s time to know the way because, in this review, we’re going to review the Yoga burn system that was developed by Zoe Bray-Cotton – a female body transformation expert, a yoga instructor.

Let’s start with some basics of the Yoga burn System. After reading the basics of the Yoga burn system, you’ll know about the following,

  • Three most common mistakes of women
  • The three phases of the Yoga burn System
  • Bonuses
  • Pros and cons of the Yoga burn system

Feedback about the Yoga burns system from me…

Hey friends,

I’m Julie; this is my honest review of Zoe’s Yoga burn system. I’m a 34-year young woman and I’d like to regain my body shape by simply doing Yoga. So, I decided to try the Yoga burn system and after trying the Yoga burn system, I can see some good changes in my body weight.

Go ahead and read my review of Zoe’ Yoga Burn system and finally decide that is it worth your money or not.

What is Yoga burn System?

Yoga Burn System – Her Yoga Secrets ReviewThe Yoga burn system is a 12-week program that is developed by Zoe Bray-Cotton for all women who want to burn fat without using pills and potions. This system not only helps you to burn fat safely but also helps you to build a perfect feminine body in a safe and natural way.

This System is gaining hype amongst all women because this system uses Dynamic Sequencing. Hence, this program teaches you how to perform each and every yoga movement in a safe manner.

Okay, let’s read the three common mistakes of women in choosing the yoga classes.

  1. Entering into the basic yoga classes:

Most women are not accessing the perfect yoga postures to lose their belly fat because they often entering into some basic yoga classes.

  1. In choosing the effective yoga classes:

Lots of women believe that all yoga classes will help to reduce stress and depression in their mind. If you attend some conventional yoga classes, you’ll have high amounts of stress hormone in your body, so you can’t lose your weight as soon.

  1. Fails to follow the yoga postures designed for women:

Zoe tells that the women do not follow the exclusive yoga postures designed for them. A woman who does not follow the yoga postures on a regular basis will not regain their shape as soon.

The three phases of the Yoga Burn System:

The three phases of the Yoga Burn SystemThis section clearly explains the three phases that I’ve found in the Yoga Burn System.

Phase 1: The Fundamental Flow Phase:

In this phase, you’ll find some yoga postures for beginners that help you to build a strong base for yoga. With this simple beginner yoga postures, you can easily perform the yoga in a safe and effective manner.

And, this phase also tells you some exclusive yoga sequences that will help you to boost the metabolism of your body.

In addition to this, you can also learn the technique to link your body and mind to control all your muscles.

Phase 2: The transitional Flow:

In this phase, you can merge the poses in the second phase with the poses that you’ve found in the first phase. If you perform these yoga sequences, you can enhance your mood and also aids you to eliminate your stress.

Phase 3: The Mastery Flow Phase:

This phase combines all the sequences in the first and the second phase to kick-start your metabolism. Moreover, you can also get tighter booties.

Features of the Yoga Burn System:

  • This system is completely designed for women to help them to lose their belly with some simple yoga tips.
  • This program is very unique and it makes women feel better than ever with simple yoga postures.
  • It is easy to follow the yoga postures in this program.
  • This program is created by a well-known expert.
  • And, you can perform the yoga sequences found in this program at anywhere and anytime.
  • It comes with the two useful bonuses and it is cost effective to buy.

Features of the Yoga Burn SystemBonuses:

Like other weight loss programs, this program also offers you some bonuses. They are as follows,

Zoe offers two bonuses with her yoga burn system,

  1. Bonus 1: Follow-along audio classes
  2. Bonus 2: The Tranquility flow

Pros and Cons of the Yoga Burn System:

Like other fitness programs, this program also comes with some pros and cons. Some of the pros and cons that I’ve found in Zoe’s Yoga burn system are as follows,


  • It is cost expensive to buy.
  • This system really works for all women.
  • It does not scam you.
  • This program comes with the useful bonuses.
  • The yoga postures in this program are simple to understand and follow.
  • It gives best results.
  • This program offers you 100% money-back guarantee (2 Months).


  • It is available only in digital format.
  • You need to put consistent efforts.

Refund Policy:

Zoe offers 2 months 100% risk-free money back guarantee option so if you feel this program is not for you, they will refund your money.